AFA offers advanced courses in astrology designed for those who are looking for in-depth study of a specific branch of astrology. Courses in Relationships, Horary, and Asteroids are currently available, with additional ones scheduled to be added in the future. Each course includes lessons and exams, and every student is assigned a teacher. Use the Learn Astrology pull-down tab to learn more about the individual courses.

Learn Astrology!

It's now easier than you ever imagined to learn astrology at home, at your own pace, with the guidance of an experienced astrologer.

Easy-to-follow lessons guide you from the basics of astrology all the way through chart interpretation and time-honored predictive techniques. In addition, the course is designed to prepare students to take the first AFA certification exam.

Explore the pull-down menus under the Learn Astrology tab to read all about the course and its contents. And don't hesitate to email if you have questions. The entire course is $449.00, or choose the budget option and purchase each of the three sections individually: section 1 in binder for $189.00, and sections 2 & 3 for $169.00.  Online Superstar Course is $429.00



Contact info

Phone: 480/838-1751

Toll-Free: 888/301-7630

Mail: 6535 S. Rural Rd./Tempe, AZ 85283-3746


  • Dave Campbell: Amazing Asteroid Stories
  • Alan Richards-Wheatcroft: Pluto's Season for Ashes: An Evolution of Dis-ease

Debuting this year:

  • Yerovan Yacoubian: Psychic Self Defense and the Zodiac
  • Alan Richards-Wheatcroft: Uranus the Awakener
  • Carol A. Tebbs: The Complete Book of Chart Rectification


Our exams have been revised to remove a great deal of the mathematical calculations on both the Advanced (formerly called Student) Exam and the Professional Exam. Calculations should be to within 5' of arc for planetary positions, house cups, and declination. The professional exam is open book for the math portion. All exams are proctored.

The AFA has an agreement with Kepler College:

A memorandum of understanding has been signed which acknowledges a reciprocity agreement whereby American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) and Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences (Kepler) will work together for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

AFA will grant Advanced Membership status to any graduate of Kepler certificate programs that are equivalent to the advanced exam requirements after the graduate becomes a member of AFA within one year after completing the certificate(s).

Second, AFA will grant Professional Member status to any graduate of Kepler diploma program that are equivalent to the professional exam requirements after the graduate becomes a member of AFA and sits for a proctored exam that consists of chart calculation within one year after completing the diploma program.

Third, Kepler agrees that it will confirm that a graduate has, in fact, graduated from Kepler with a certificate or certificates and/or a diploma within 60 days of receiving the request from AFA. After Kepler provides confirmation, AFA will proceed with processing the graduates' membership application as appropriate and grant certification status accordingly. Any certificate or diploma graduate who misses the one-year deadline after graduation is not eligible for the opportunity and would have to take the Advanced Member or Professional member examination.